I think of myself as a transcendental image maker and idea transcriber. After all, everything that we see and feel are ideas. For example when we look at an image (letís pretend itís an image of a kittens playing seen on a computer screen) what we are literally seeing is a computer screen with lights which form a pattern. What we believe we are seeing are kittens playing. Arenít they cute? Donít they make you smile? But you know the kittens arenít really there. But youíre smiling at them and feel all warm and cuddly. You have been affected. And yet youíre really only looking at a computer screen. But there is the idea of the kittens playing. Itís all about the idea. I take the strongest emotions and sensations experienced in life, express them through a physical medium and relate them as ideas. I donít paint figures. I paint ideas. My work should not be looked at so much as digested. It is not to be understood in a moment but lived with and slowly unveiled. It is not pop art. It is not shock art. It is life art. It is feeling and thinking personís art.

     The work on this website has all been created this year, 2010, and is continuously being updated. See my blog at caserottiscanvas.blogspot.com for weekly updates and brief artistís comments. My paintings are heavily textured and nuanced in color. It is simply impossible to represent them accurately on a computer screen. Look for my work in various venues in New York City. If you ever find yourself in the NYC or Fairfield County, CT area please contact me for a studio tour.

~Henry Caserotti